Benefits of an Avery Scribe

The Medical Scribe position has been growing exponentially in the past few years. Scribes are more in demand now than ever before. As documenting patient encounters into EHR has become the new standard, an increased burden has been placed on our providers.

Here are a few well-known benefits of using a Scribe: doctor-ipad

  • Scribes guarantee accurate documentation to ensure proper reimbursement.
  • Scribes provide relief from tedious and time-consuming “clicking” into EMRs.
  • Scribes can increase the amount of patients seen per day.
  • Scribes can assist to decrease patient wait times.
  • Scribes can improve Physician availability to staff and patients.
  • Scribes allow the provider to focus on what is important, the patient.


So why use Avery Scribes?

Did you know that not using a scribe service…or worse- using the WRONG scribe service- can be a set-back to your practice? Avery Scribes not only understands these risks but has the experience and expertise to assist your practice in protecting against it!

Avery Scribes employs individuals who share our passion for quality job performance and standard in work ethic.

Our Scribe Team has more than 5 years of National Scribe Program Implementation and Management experience in every healthcare setting. Scribes have been proven to increase RVUs per hour by 0.24 units in an Emergency Department setting and are now being sought after as the solution to Outpatient Clinic wait times and physician reimbursement. We have the forethought to identify and match your practice with the candidate that will best suit your needs!

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