Client FAQ’s

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Client FAQ's

How long does it take to set up a program?

This is dependent on how large the practice is and how much coverage is required. It can take a minimum of a couple of weeks to several months.

How do you comply with HIPAA?

We adhere to every hospital and physician practice HIPAA policy. We have our own HIPAA training that we provide for our scribes which they must pass with 100% compliance.

Who pays for overtime?

Avery Scribes

Are the scribes your employees?

Yes, they are employees of Avery Scribes

Who handles payroll?

Avery Scribes

Can scribes enter orders?

Scribes can pend orders but they cannot enter them to be performed by nursing staff.

What happens if a medical scribe calls out sick?

Avery Scribes has a call policy and also the Avery InstaScribe service to provide back-up scribe coverage.